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How GymCloud Works

Why Choose GymCloud


GymCloud was designed for trainers, by trainers to be as simple as possible. You get exactly what you need right out of the box. Spend more time making money and less time figuring out how to use complicated software.


Create a custom platform, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Add exercises, build workouts and programs, and organize them any way you like. Then use, reuse, and modify them for individuals or groups.


Train on your schedule, earn on your terms. GymCloud empowers fitness professionals to live their ideal lifestyle. Your success is our mission, which is why we focus on world class on-boarding, continuous education, and support.   


What Others Are Saying:

I was concerned about my own technological ability, but GymCloud is so easy to use. It creates a more professional atmosphere for my clients, and I can give them a higher level of service with better record keeping, accountability, and results.... I would recommend GymCloud to anyone.

Director of Education, StrongFirst

I was looking for a quick and simple way to make fitness programming less of a hassle. I tried 3 other platforms and they were all overly complex. Needless to say I was hoping this would be the one. My verdict is that this is the best platform. It's organization is perfect which makes it really easy to use. I'd definitely recommend GymCloud to trainers looking to help clients who can't make it into the gym or as a way to earn extra money outside of 1:1 training sessions.

NSCA Personal Training Program Manager

I mean, this app...like I said...I like it. It's super simple. You can tell it was made by a trainer...like someone that actually knows what they're doing.

Founder, Strength Axis

I was worried my clients wouldn’t use GymCloud. Instead, it has EXPANDED my business! My clients work out with me in person, and on other days, I give them a program to follow. They get better results and more of my attention with online coaching, and I’m not tied to the gym 24/7.

Founder, Empowered Movement

I was looking at other apps and they were too complicated. GymCloud is easy-to-use and I feel more confident as a trainer. And I’ve put together programs and sold them online -- I hadn’t even thought of doing that before. My clients have loved it from the start.

Founder, Salient Training

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