What Working Women Want: 5 Hidden Motivators for Fitness

What Working Women Want: 5 Hidden Motivators for Fitness

Women have plenty of reasons and excuses for not exercising regularly. Speaking for myself, even just the requirement to change clothes is enough for me to say “Nah” when deciding whether or not to exercise. My second major barrier is justifying the drive time to a gym. Thus, I am notoriously terrible at going to gyms. I will buy a membership and they will never see me. At least I can recognize this and overcome those barriers by working out at home and running in my neighborhood. Some women, however, may need you as their trainer and coach to help them realize their barriers and personal motivators and modify their routine to make recommendations that make them look forward to the next workout.

As primary caretakers of kids, household duties, grocery shopping and meal preparation, financial planning, plus working outside of the home, women are loaded with responsibility (I would argue it’s just too much). Time is a hot commodity, and sometimes just being able to eat or shower is a luxury. You, as our trainer, have to convince us that the physical activity that we’re getting is worth our time and will give us something more than just a hot bod. We are multitaskers here and need multiple benefits from any one activity.

Ask your female clients which of the statements below resonate with them most to get to know them a little better and their motivating drive. We’re busy, and you’ve got to give us a damn good reason to sweat versus sit down and drink wine when we get home in the afternoon.

Number 1 Motivator: Solitude

  • Client: I’m most happy when I’m alone with my thoughts, reading, playing an instrument or meditating. I wish there was more quiet time in my day. I’m known for being introspective and thoughtful.
  • Trainer: Encourage solitary exercises such as yoga, walking, running, swimming, hiking or strength training at home.

Number 2 Motivator: Rapid Change

  • Client: I’m most happy when I’m out downtown trying new restaurants and exploring. I wish there was more freedom in my day to try new things and more vacation days to travel. I’m known for being fearless and fun.
  • Trainer: Encourage activities requiring high energy and speedy results such as strength training, stair climbing, HIIT, kickboxing and other high intensity activities that give her the most bang for her buck.

Number 3 Motivator: Social Interaction

  • Client: I’m most happy when I’m being silly, dancing and hanging out with friends. I wish there was more time in my day for socialization. I’m known for being extroverted and having many friends.
  • Trainer: Encourage working out at the local gym, taking group classes such as Zumba, participating in walking/running/biking/hiking clubs, tennis or other partner/team sports.

Number 4 Motivator: Fresh Air

  • Client: I’m most happy when I’m outside enjoying nature, the birds and the sunshine. I wish there was more time in the day to be outdoors, being inside too much makes me anxious.
  • Trainer: Encourage hiking, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, and exploring local parks with a walk or run.

Number 5 Motivator: Toys

  • Client: I’m most happy when I’m shopping or cruising the web for the best deals on new clothes, toys and electronics. I wish there was more time in my day for all of the hobbies I have. I’m known for being the friend with the best shoe selection that everyone is dying to borrow from.
  • Trainer: Encourage activities that involve nice, pretty, new things. Golf, cycling, skiing, kettlebells and resistance bands, or racquet sports like tennis would be right up her alley

Maybe your female client resonates with more than one of the statements above. Mix and match activities and frequently gauge her interest in the activities you recommend. Ignoring each woman’s individual personality could lead to the dead-end road of an unresponsive client who doesn’t reach their goals. You’re in the business of helping make lasting positive health change, so leverage your female client’s personality to their best advantage!

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Sarah is a Registered Dietitian, health coach, blogger, presenter, writer and founder of Simpletic Nutrition. Sarah holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Middle Tennessee State University. Sarah resides in Nashville, TN, with her two sons, Eli and Ethan, and her husband, Scott. Contact: www.simpleticnutrition.com/contact

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