Hip Opening Stretches Part 1

Hip Opening Stretches Part 1

Do you want to increase hip mobility, improve your posture, and strengthen your squat?

If so, then it’s time to stretch out your hip flexors!

The hip flexors are a group of muscles connecting the femur to the pelvis and allowing your body to bend forward and lift your knees toward your chest. Sitting for long periods of time tightens and shortens the hip flexor muscles. Tight, weak hip flexors can create an anterior pelvic tilt, which makes your bum stick out further than it should. This can lead to poor posture and low back pain.

Try out this stretch to open up those hips, and check out my additional stretching ideas.

Kneeling Stretch

  • Lower your left knee to the ground while keeping your left toes tucked into the ground.
  • Bend your right knee to ninety degrees while keeping that knee directly over the right ankle.
  • Pulling navel into the spine, square the hips to the front.
  • Keep your pelvis in a neutral or posterior position. Do not let your bum stick far out behind. Hold the stretch here.
  • If you need a little more intensity, stretch the left arm straight up overhead.


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Katie Dawkins loves all things movement. She’s a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and NASM CPT. She loves strength training, working with kettlebells, and calisthenics. She is always trying to foster a balance between fitness, yoga, and meditation for herself and her clients. When not at the gym, she can often be found in the kitchen coming up with plant based recipes that support her active lifestyle.

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