Scheduling Advantages of GymCloud

Scheduling Advantages of GymCloud

As a trainer, have you ever tried to schedule a potential client but had trouble lining up your schedules?

Maybe Monday at 7:00 a.m. works for you, but she has to take her kid to school at that time.

You then try to schedule a lunch workout but she usually goes to yoga at that time.

So finally, you try late afternoon but by then she has to pick up her kid from school, cook supper, do laundry, clean her house, mow her yard, etc.

Scheduling is one of the top barriers to training for both trainers and clients.

Scheduling issues are the primary reason for the long, odd hours that many trainers are forced to work in order to make a living.

Scheduling issues are also one of the primary reasons that we developed

GymCloud is a personal training and workout creation platform that was built by trainers for trainers and their clients. GymCloud features both pre-built and custom workout libraries, the ability to stream exercise video samples, and the ability to connect with potential online clients all within the GymCloud platform.

All of this takes place in your time … which means no more scheduling. No more scheduling means no more leaving the gym late at night just to have to turn around and be back by 5:00 a.m. and no more turning down Friday night dates to stay at the gym and supervise a workout.

Online personal training is convenient for you and convenient for your client. Try today and take back your time.

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Matthew Johnson is a fitness writer, personal trainer, strength coach, as well as a former gym owner. Matthew holds an MBA from The University of Memphis and a Master’s in Exercise Science from Middle Tennessee State University. Matthew has also earned the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential from the NSCA. Matthew recently published his first book, 300 30 Minute Workouts for Busy People, and lives in Memphis, TN with his wife, Anna, and their dog Henderson, and cat, Sox.

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