4 Reasons Personal Trainers Need to Build an Online Presence

4 Reasons Personal Trainers Need to Build an Online Presence

Imagine you’re at the starting line of a marathon.

You’re surrounded by runners — all ready to go.

They’re stretching to keep their muscles loose. Their eyes are focused forward. And you can almost feel the energy radiating off them.

In fact, you’re right there with them — dead set on winning a 1st Place medal.

The starting gun goes off and you take your first step forward…

But you trip, landing on your knees as your hands fall forward to catch you.

“What the hell?”

You look at your feet and notice your ankles are tied together — and all the other runners are now 100 yards ahead of you…

There’s no way you can catch up.

That’s what it’s like trying to become a highly successful personal trainer without an online presence.

Maybe you could hop your way through that marathon and eventually get to the finish line, but you’re not going to win first place.

Building your online presence lets you cut the rope around your ankles and gives you the freedom to push your business as far as possible.

In a moment, I’ll show you the 4 major ways an online presence can help you grow your personal training business, but first — let’s define exactly what “building an online presence” means.


What does it mean to “build an online presence?”

This means different things for different personal trainers.

For some—

Building an online presence means posting how-to videos or quick workouts to Instagram regularly.

For others—

It means using online training software to train clients online from anywhere in the world.

And for others—

It could be as simple as blogging once or twice per week and sharing it on Facebook.

For our purposes, building an online presence means this:

Creating personal training content or offering personal training services through the internet.

So — how can building an online presence help your business? Here are the 4 major ways.


1. Impact more people

Odds are, you’re a fitness professional because you have a desire to help people become healthier and happier.

Training in-person allows you to do that. But building a presence online magnifies your potential impact.

It allows you to reach more people than you ever could in-person.

Whether you’re blogging, creating content on Instagram, or posting how-to videos on YouTube, developing an online presence can put you in front of people anywhere in the world who would have otherwise not even known you exist.


2. Find out what you have to offer

When personal trainers post content or offer services online, they have to constantly answer one question:

How can I help these people?

Because the people who get the most attention online are those who are providing the most help to their followers.

Asking yourself this question regularly will force you to identify what value you can offer people.

Once you have a strong idea of what you bring to the table for both your clients and your audience, you’ll have a new sense of confidence in both your training and your marketing.

Beyond that, most fitness professionals have the same certifications and the same general knowledge about fitness.

Certifications are becoming less and less of a way to display your expertise.

So, by building a presence online and sharing your knowledge with the world—

You separate yourself from all the other trainers out there.

By regularly sharing high-quality information, you’re building trust and rapport while establishing yourself as an expert within your field.


3. Build your credibility

Imagine your roof is leaking.

You have a bucket on the floor to catch the water, but you know it needs to get fixed — ASAP.

So, you do a quick Google search and find two local handymen who might be able to help.

One of them doesn’t even have a website — just a phone number and a few reviews.

The other has over 30 reviews, a website, and even a few YouTube videos about how to fix common household problems.

Which one are you going to hire?

The second one — obviously...even if he costs a little more than the first one.


Because you want to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

That’s what building an online presence can do for you. It can give potential clients faith in your ability to deliver results—

And even convince them that you’re with a few more dollars than the next guy.


4. Bring in clients without any extra work

Developing an online presence can make it easier for clients to find and hire you.

The key benefit here is that you won’t have to track these clients down…

They’ll come to you.

And, if you’ve created a lot of content and demonstrated your expertise online—

They’ll likely be easier to work with (and probably willing to pay more too).

Developing an online presence won’t happen overnight.

Whether you decide to take up online training, YouTube videos, Instagram content, or even just setting up a website—

This takes work.

But the good news is — as long as you do the right work and stay consistent — it can give you a better chance at becoming a highly successful personal trainer.

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