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Our platform is engineered to strengthen communication between fitness coaches and their clients.

We empower fitness professionals with the tools and knowledge to help more people.

GymCloud helps coaches grow their business by equipping them with the tools required to create their own custom platform and enhance the client-coach experience. This platform enables trainers to design and share exercise tutorials, workout programs and nutritional tips while monitoring client progress.

We empower men and women to achieve their fitness goals.

GymCloud enables anyone to work one-on-one with a certified fitness professional regardless of location, thereby increasing their likelihood of success. And if you aren’t currently working with a trainer, we can match you with the perfect coach!

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170 GymCloud users
120 Programs
1151 Workouts performed
Kenton Boutwell Kenton Boutwell Fitness Coach
Katie Dawkins Katie Dawkins Fitness Coach
Percy LeDerriess Bell Jr. Percy LeDerriess Bell Jr. Athletic Trainer
Matthew Johnson Matthew Johnson Personal Trainer
Julian Hayes II Julian Hayes II Fitness Consultant
Jordan Smutts Jordan Smutts Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach "GymCloud provides a platform to provide my clients with ongoing coaching and programming in a simple and effective way. The interface is quick to understand, easy to use, and most importantly easy to apply. It has replaced my use of using Excel spreadsheets and embedding videos in a much more professional display. This is the first platform that was created by trainers, for trainers, and it's ease of use and features will attest to that."

GymCloud Simplifies
Fitness Training

Fitness Professionals use GymCloud to share workouts with their clients and track their progress from any location - in person or remotely.

Clients use GymCloud to view their workouts, review exercise instructions or videos, and enter results in the gym.

GymCloud Breaks Down Barriers to Better Fitness