Cloud-based fitness programming

For Fitness Professionals and Their Clients

Our easy-to-use, cloud-based workout programming website and mobile app will help you improve client performance, increase revenue, and save time and money.

With GymCloud you can create exercises, assign workouts, develop programs, and track exercise performance for your clients IN PERSON or REMOTELY.

GymCloud breaks down barriers to better fitness.

Main Features

Fitness Constructor

Build your own library of exercises, workouts and programs and share them with your clients.


Upload your own fitness videos or search GymCloud, Youtube and Vimeo.

Mobile app - results entry

View, schedule, and enter workout results easily in the gym using our mobile app.


Fitness Professionals

Personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists. Learn More

Individual Clients and Groups

Clients, patients or athletes working with a fitness pro. Learn More

Fitness Enthusiasts

Dedicated individuals who are not working with a fitness professional.
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Fitness Pros
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Matthew Johnson Matthew Johnson Personal Trainer
Julian Hayes II Julian Hayes II Fitness Consultant

GymCloud Simplifies
Fitness Training

Fitness Professionals use GymCloud to share workouts with their clients and track their progress from any location - in person or remotely.

Clients use GymCloud to view their workouts, review exercise instructions or videos, and enter results in the gym.

Train with the best. Train with GymCloud.